Software development for AI and ML solutions at Miljöbron Skåne


RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Through our international collaboration programs with industry, academia and the public sector we support the competitiveness of the Swedish business community on an international level and contribute to a sustainable society. Our 2,800 employees engage in and support all types of innovation processes. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute, which offers unique expertise and over 100 testbeds and demonstration environments for future-proof technologies, products, and services.


In April 2020 RISE started SODA (Software Development in Data intensive Applications and systems), a testbed for software development for AI and ML solutions. The project will be running for two years and explores methodologies for developing AI and ML solutions including quality assurance, requirements management, and testing.

RISE is now looking for students who are interested in software engineering and AI/ML. You will be working together with the team in Lund, who is at forefront of ICT research and development. The team performs applied ICT research, knowledge creation and innovation through the deployment of new services and products. We are interested in thesis projects in the following areas (not exhaustive list):

  • Visualization of operational data of a ML system – identify relevant metrics from literature and implement a dashboard on our example system
  • Open data collaborations – topics around sharing data, e.g., trust, quality, ontology, technical, licenses
  • Quality attributes for ML – identify and compare typical quality attributes from coded software with trained systems (ML) and how to evaluate them in our example implementation

You will have the opportunity to impact the focus of your thesis and new ideas are welcome.

As a master student in our team, you will be expected to participate in research project and/or carry out activities in our software testbed.

Final definitions are made in consultation with the supervisor at the university and with the contact person at RISE. Both students and the client should be aware that relevant academic support must be applied in the work.

Attention: Often you need a pre-approval from your university or study counselor, to ensure that projects or thesis found on HHUS CareerGate will be accepted as part of your education. Please contact the right entity in due time to ensure that you're picking the right project.